Essay on My Memories Of My Memory

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My earliest memory is one of a happy and peaceful family, I am grateful every day that we have continued to be the same family. That memory involved my brother, mother, my dog Hoosier and I, in a playset eating lunch together. What I remember most about that day is getting Hoosier into the playset, pushing him up the slide and how much fun that was to see him up there. However, it is the way I remember this memory that has got me thinking. When I remember this, it is always from a helicopter perspective, I am looking at my family from a different angle than when I was there. I had never truly thought about this until we began to read Clarity and Calling by Doug Koskela, this book got me thinking about how much I have grown since then and the dreams and aspirations I had as a child will lead me to my calling but there is much up to interpretation. I look to my past for inspiration and guidance at times but I must always keep in mind that who I was then is not who I am now, I have become older and changed from the carefree kid having a great day with his mother and brother with their dog. Many experiences and people from my life have lead me to where I am now, I have been changed and been born again through Jesus Christ, and come to the realization that my future is in his hands. That simple memory is all I remember about my life in North Carolina. At that time, it was just my mom Lisa, my dad Brad, my brother Josh, and our dog Hoosier. My parents met in college and…

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