Essay on My Memories Of My Life

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I breathe in my hotel room, realising that I have everything that I ever wanted. The taste of fame comes to me in the form of wispy cigarette smoke that threatens to fill my lungs and choke me at any moment. Although it’s been 6 years since I left Japan with my sister, what she told me that day rings through my head like bells chiming out from a clock tower, “why are we really doing this, Yuichi?” I didn’t reply then because I thought it was obvious, but now I know it’s because it was all for nought.
In my earliest memory there is a guitar in my hands. In my earliest memories of my sister, Koji, she is crying. Her howls sounded as though they were accompanied by a melody only she could hear. When I was 11 and Koji was 6, we performed together for the first time. I 'd called her into my bedroom to help me practise, and she sang the lines our choir would sing at the regional showcase. We were a symphony all of our own, her lilting voice covering my transgressions, and my chords would resonate, smoothing the tremors in her voice where she pushed herself too hard. Interrupted by a piercing feeling on our backs, we turned around to the sight of a small woman in our doorway, overflowing with wisdom and support.
“A kite breeds a hawk, hm?” our mother complimented us, “Or should I say, a kite breeds songbirds?”
“You’re not so common, mother!” Koji replied, her face expressing a combination of objection at our mothers self-deprecation, and pride at her adulation.
It became a weekly…

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