My Memories Of My Life Essay

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As the sun was dwindling on a cold evening, my family and I were enjoying the twilight while sitting on a bench on the boardwalk. My family shared giggles and laughs as we joked. Suddenly we realized that it was 8.00pm and it was time for us to leave the boardwalk. We stopped at a diner to get something to eat. While waiting for the main course, I experienced a nagging headache after ingesting several appetizers and a sugary apple juice; however, I was eager to taste the main course. As the waiter brought the dishes, I grabbed my plate and tasted the first bite of the “spicy chicken ranch sandwich”. After a few minutes, I lost consciousness.

I barely regained consciousness and wondered why my dad was driving like a NASCAR race driver, because he never disobeyed the laws. Then I lost my perception again. When I woke up, I saw several medical professionals having a conversation near the doorway in a language that I scarcely understood. Afterward, I realized that I was poked with several needles. Right away I recognized that I was admitted to a hospital and I wondered why. I saw my weeping parents. I wanted to know my diagnosis and the reason for them to weep, but I was too weak and my mouth was as dry as a fish without the ocean. Later on, I learned from an endocrinologist that I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. This news shattered my hopes and dreams as hurricanes and tsunamis destroy many innocent lives. Tears overflowed and raced down my cheeks continuously, as if…

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