Essay on My Memories Of My Horrible Memory

1146 Words Sep 5th, 2016 null Page
I remember seldom things in life. Maybe my horrible memory can be attributed to the thousands of Diet Coke I drank as a kid and their alleged nasty side effects to memory. Maybe it’s attributed to my tendency to focus on the minute details and not the whole picture. Or maybe it is just a personal choice, a personal decision to ignore what life has brought me and to somehow use the bits I can recall to construct some fairytale. I wish that this process would have happened when I felt like I was losing everything in my life, but, almost sadistically, I remember everything. Every emotion, movement, smell, and facial expression. I know that this day will forever haunt my memory, because it has since it happened. My life changed in a hundredth of a second, and it has taken me one hundred days to come to terms with it all.
I remember the phone call. I was so nervous to pick up the phone because my dad had this expression of true sorrow on his face, one I have never seen before in my life, even when traumatic events happened. I picked up the phone, slid my finger against the slick surface of my phone and slowly raised the cold, heartless surface to my face. “Hello?” There was no response. Then, as if the world was giving me one last second of innocence and idiocy, my mom, in the best voice she could muster said those four damning words. Four damning words that would play in my head for the next several days. “Dinah has passed away.” I lost it. My body felt like jelly and my heart…

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