My Memories Of My Grandmother Essay

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Have you ever thought about how fascinating it is that one familiar smell can bring back so many memories? The smell that can bring me back to my past and fill my heart with joy from the memories. The biggest memory that peppermint brings back for me is my Grandma. My Grandma was an amazing woman, she always wore a certain perfume and still to this day I am not entirely sure what the perfume was but it had some type of peppermint fragrance to it. My Grandmother and I used to do everything together, whenever I walked into the house to sit and visit with her I would smell that hint of peppermint and know she was there even before I saw her smiling face. As a child I would spend a lot of time with my grandparents, walking into the house I would first hear the sound of the TV blaring in the next room because they couldn’t hear well then I would get that sudden smell of peppermint and just smile. I would walk into the next room where my Grandmother was sitting in her hospital bed and sit next to her and just talk for hours. My grandmother loved to color pictures with me, her favorite flower was a rose but those were to complicated to draw so we would always draw sunflowers, in fact she was the one who taught me how to draw sunflowers. She must have spent hours trying to teach me to draw those flowers, I wasn’t a very observant child, and I got distracted easily. She had to have so much patience for me.
My Grandmother was a great singer. She is the one who taught me to…

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