My Memories Of My First Time Essay

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I was born on July 5, 2000, my birth mother decided to put my up for adoption. About two to three weeks later I was adopted by a 40 year old woman, Nanette and her similarly aged husband, Robert. From what my parents tell me about when I was younger was that I was a quiet, well behaved kid, but when I saw someone my age I would become friend with them right away.

Some of my earliest memories I can recall are in preschool. The things I remember are just small clips of what the actual events really were. I remember writing my name for the first time, I was awful at writing the “k” in my name. My four year old self loved the teachers at the school, looking back at it my memory of them was how kind they were to the kids there. Preschool only lasted a year, when that was over it was time to start kindergarten. I remember kindergarten more than preschool. I have memories of all the things I did during the breaks, I recall playing on the yellow and black tricycles, and shooting hoops on the small basketball hoops. There was this half sphere with holes going in and out of it that the kids would call “the toilet” because of its interior resembling that of a toilet.

In the third grade I was dubbed the twelfth fastest in the entire school of Hirsch elementary school. I lived right around the corner of the school, I would ride my bike to school everyday. I enjoyed being active and doing many exercises, I even joined a basketball team for a few years. I was doing so good on the…

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