My Memories Of My Childhood Essay

751 Words Oct 13th, 2015 4 Pages
Growing up, my rebellion has been fueled by my desire to do things differently than what I saw around me. My mom was 18 when I was born, and I was the eldest of seven children. I remember telling myself when I was young that when I was home, that was the time for me to clean the house, watch the children, and make sure my mom felt the support she needed to take care of all the things that I had no control over.
At school it was different. It was where I had the freedom to socialize with teachers and friends, and submerse myself in things that stimulated and inspired me. School was my getaway, my safe spot, something that I could count on. During middle school, I began to be affected by the challenges of my home life and have difficulty in school. During this time I wrote a lot, and became fascinated with the idea of working with people in my community. I went from 6th grade to a large public school, where the social stress affected me so much that I dropped out of 7th grade my last week of school. After that I found my way to the Network Charter School, where I met people who supported the things I had to say, and who listened and encouraged me to speak out. I became part of a youth action group, YEPSA, that worked to educate people on sexuality and healthy relationships. We traveled to Portland and Seaside, and as an outspoken 14 year old, I saw my words make a difference. At home I found less of this strength. I avoided home, yet I always came…

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