My Memories : My Unforgettable Memory Essay

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My Unforgettable Memory

It all started in Elementry School, I was very outgoing as a child, all that changed once I realized my life needed a change for the better. I was born in Dominican Republic, I don 't remember much of the that childhood I only stayed until I was three years old. The childhood I remember started in a small island in Longisland, New York, a very small, quiet, southern area. Brentwood was a perfect place to grow up in and for your kids to go to school in. Having family in other parts like Queens and Brooklyn made me appreciate living where I was. There was too many violence at the time my pretty cousins were always coming home from getting beaten up because someone was jealous of them.
We were very family oriented I loved that we would get together every chance that we could, we were commited either it being my father or mothers side of the family. It gave me a sense of security and comfort. Everything changed everyone was moving to diffent states and I got really lonely. I was going to miss all the get togethers and being a only child it wasen 't something that I was jumping too exicited for. We had to relocate still in the same area but in a basement of a home when a women said that we could rent the bottom of her home and that she just had recontructed. There I was with my mom most of my time when I wasen 't attending school. My dad was not around. A couple months had passed and i got a call that I was going to be a big sister to a little boy. I…

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