My Memories From My Own Age Essay

927 Words Jan 25th, 2016 4 Pages
As far back as I can remember, I recall mixing up certain letters in the alphabet. I had difficulty with sounds, which made it really hard for me to write with accuracy. With extra help from the “Learning Lab” in elementary school I was able to just barely get by but I always found myself behind everyone my own age. My memories from being in the Learning Lab were really traumatizing at the time. I was always singled out, and pulled from the class to get extra attention that I did not appreciate at the time. I know now that without that extra attention, I would struggle more as I progressed in school. Since I had an IEP in elementary school, I was held back from learning a second language in middle school. Instead of attending Spanish or French I went to another program called “Study Skills” where I was given extra time to do homework or get specific attention of things I did not understand. I also learned study techniques, which helped me in all my other courses. I never wanted anyone to see me in that specific classroom, but now looking back, I know without those teachers I would be extremely behind and I’m truly grateful for a school district that recognized my specific needs, and could accommodate me. But with that being said, I think with any program where children are pulled out of their primary classes, embarrassment follows very close with these students. Since I did not have any background knowledge of a second language like my classmates, I was once again…

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