My Memorable Time In The Bahamas

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My Memorable Time in the Bahamas One way or the other, everyone has experienced many memorable events. I have been through both fascinating and awful memorable experiences. Since I became a college student, most of my peers have told me that I have wonderful life and with fabulous experiences that await me. Despite being a young adult, I have already had many amazing adventures. One experience that I often have was my first trip to the Bahamas on a beautiful big cruise ship, the mall, and spa 's.
Though traveling is not a big deal for me, before my first trip to Treasure cay beach on; one of the best beaches in the Bahamas, I used to be a homebody. Though I had friends to mingle with, I felt completely comfortable spending weekends and
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This was very shocking and interesting to me and my siblings because my daddy had never talked about us going on vacation. After three days, we departed to the Bahamas. The taxis man came to pick us up from the airport to take us to the hotel. When we arrive to the hotel it was so beautiful kept looking all around. It was vital and stylish. It had pools and beach club that created a flawless day and night scene. It has this splendid ocean views and soothing open-air lobby to embrace the nature 's most absorbing elements creating a fabulous …show more content…
The trees were beautiful; the leaves were very green, and it was so catchy. I could not turn my eyes from it. I could hear the agony of the bird. There was a sound of a waterfall so I ask my mom if I and my little sister can go there. M y mom agree so my little sister and I went there and we say a little blue river. My little sister wanted to play in the river so I told her no because it was danger to play in a water you do not anything about. When I turn around to see my mother, I saw a big green snake. I started yelling "Mommy there is a big snake" and my mom came and pull and my little sister and my hand. My dad came running holding a big stick in his hand trying to kill the snake, But the snake disappear. After that my parent told us to stay with them not to go

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