Essay on My Maternal Grandmother, Eva Hausner

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In this paper I decided to interview my maternal Grandmother, Eva Hausner. Eva was born in 1933 in Budapest, Hungary. She was an only child that used to live in downtown Pest, right by the Danube in a two-story apartment. Eva told me that her father owned the jewelry store that had been part of his family for the past 3 generations. Eva remembers that there used to be 4 employees under her father, they managed the store when he was not around, we can infer by using Marx’s beliefs that Eva’s father was part of the Bourgeoisie, because he owned the store and paid salaries. I consider that he worked in the tertiary sector of the economy, as he provided the service of high quality diamonds. As Dr. Shapira said in class, “ upper class sees workers as means to profit”, In this case the father’s employees would be the proletariat, because if we quote Marx, “they need to sell their labor to live, thus they are working class”. Eva went on to tell me how her father used to feel so satisfied every time that a patron walked into his shop to by a diamond. He would see the happiness in the costumers, as they bought precious rocks for special occasions such as weddings. Arlie Hochschild would believe that Eva’s dad was doing “emotional labor” because, “His emotion regulation created a publicly visible facial and bodily display within the workplace.”, which means that just doing his work brought a smile to his face because he understood that his role as the owner of the store meant not…

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