My Marketing Readiness Quiz

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Marketing Readiness Quiz I scored 81 points in my marketing readiness quiz in the text book on page 15 " You are well on your way toward the sales and marketing orientation required for success in today’s market. You’re thinking in the right direction, and with just a little improvement, there’ll be no stopping you!" This doesn 't surprise me I have some experience in marketing myself and also seeing how marketing a business. As a person I have a lot of confidence in myself and that is one of my strength when it comes to selling myself. One of my strengths and weakness is that I can talk too much. Being able to talk a lot can be strength because it show you know a lot about the subject you are talking about and helps show you have passion …show more content…
Being a social person has helped me at jobs I am not a shy person and can start s job and go and talk to people right away. I want to be able to start learning from other people, because that will help get your name out. When I started working in asset protection I found out that one of my strength was being investigator. I like being able to look into a situation and put myself in somebody else shoes to think about why they did something g they did. Verbal is one of my strength but can also be an area that I can work on. I can write all day but have to make sure I check myself because sometimes my mind will be thinking of lot things but not writing them …show more content…
When I worked in Asset Protection in a retail store I had to be that leader in the building to help spread awareness and the importance watching for shoplifters to help the store from not losing money. I showed my leadership by working well with other and building strong partnerships with my staff and managers in the building. I am also currently in a leadership possession with the military. I have been put in possession where my team looks for me to make decisions and lead them on a mission. My team members like my leadership style because we are more of a team and work well together. With my leadership style we are able to work together and complete a mission. One of the things my team likes is they know I will always have their back and they can always come to me for anything. I have always had a good investigative mind, I really learned that when I started working in Asset Protection for five years and that knowledge that I learned and from what I learned from other has help in strengthening my investigative skills. One of my strength when it comes to investigating is that I will look at a situation from every angle that I can. One of my strengths in investigating was in internal theft I used this strength that I had and help to teach my strength with people I worked

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