Essay on My Major

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My Major

I have chosen pre-Dentistry. I hope to become an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. This is one of the more competitive fields that there are in dentistry today. With this I hope to take join my dad in his practice. There are many classes and degrees that a person must complete before he can become an Oral Surgeon. I think that this would be a challenge. School will be tough, but in the end the rewards are endless. After college an Oral Surgeon must attend dental school, then they must go to five year residency for after that. This is a great career, and I think that I could make it if I tried hard enough.

An Oral and Maxiofacial surgeon is the person that you would go to to get your wisdom teeth extracted. That is not
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From dental school I am still not done. From there I must get into a five-year residency program. Where I must maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average in classes that I take. After the five years, I will need to take another Board exam. This time the exam is not only written, but oral too. Once these tests are past they are now board certified, which means that the are allowed starting their own practice.

There is no set starting salary that an Oral Surgeon makes on average. It all depends on if they get a job in a hospital, or if they start their own practice, or a combination of the two. If you work in a hospital Oral Surgeons start off their first year making about $250,000. If they start their own practice, it can be considerably lower or higher depending on what referring doctors they know and how much patience that they have to begin. From what I have found, most doctors just starting, walk around knocking on doors until another doctor hires them. This way it is kind of like an apprenticeship. They learn stuff that they might not have in residency. Then when that doctor decides to retire, he can take over the practice. This way he starts off in an established practice. This is probably the best way to start.

There are many special talents that a doctor must have to become a doctor. For one, a doctor must be able to handle the sight of blood. There are not too many people that could handle the

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