Essay about My Major Characteristics Of Creative Thinking

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After reading several parts of a book, named Launching the Imagination, fifth edition (Mary Stewart, 2015), I do believe that I have some new ideas about my major, graphic design. In this book, I mainly read about part three, Concepts and Critical Thinking, which is a requirement, and part two, Two-dimensional Design, which personally I believe is much more related to graphic design for the reason that I think graphic design is much more an activity of ‘decorating’ simple model more attractive, which is mainly focus on two-dimensional design. In the following paragraphs, I would like to illustrate about creative thinking, cultivating thinking and developing critical thinking, problem seeking and solving, convergent and divergent thinking, and some interesting concepts in part one that relate to my major.
First of all, there are seven important characteristics of creative thinking: receptivity, curiosity, a wide range of interests, attentiveness, connection seeking, conviction, and complexity. As for me, I believe that wide range of interests is probably the most significant characteristic of creative thinking because first and foremost designers and artists could only start to try to solve problems in some specific areas when they have some interests in these specific areas, just like myself, for example, because I really do not have any talents or interests in chemistry, I cannot ever think about myself trying to create something in order to solve some chemical problems,…

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