My Love Essay

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My love
By Slocahnah Sree Kumar

Have you had someone that you loved so much that the thought of losing them eats a hole in your stomach? Do you wake up in the morning, praying to the Almighty to lengthen the life of your loved ones? I do. She is someone I would not live without. Thought of she not being by my side, assisting me in my life, send me a wave that is unexplainable to all parts of my body. I need her by my side always. I want to see her smiling every morning when I wake up. I want her to prepare my breakfast, lunch and dinner Although, I realise the fact that one day she would leave me forever, I would not accept it. The person I am talking about is my Mum. The loveliest person I ever had in my life. The only
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She never let us complains or grumbles about anything. She is like an error-free being. Too perfect. That is not all; my mom does possess some good qualities too. She is very genuine and kind lady. She cannot help but to worry for someone that she does not even know when they are in trouble. Sometimes, I would think that it is better to mind our business than helping others and get ourselves in hot soup. But mom always advises me that when people come to you for help, it means they know you can help them and they trust that you will never let them down. So, never break their trust. Mum teaches me that it is more important to have values in life than just education. Education brings us to the beyond. I believe in her. I believe that she is right about everything. Moreover, mom is very gentle and sensitive character. She has the motherly touch in herself which is what I like best in her. Just like any other mother in the world she feels the pain when her children get hurt, she cries silent cries when her children face difficulties and she will be the first one to share the air of joy when her children succeed and made victory. I still remember when I got my Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah(UPSR) results. She kissed me on my cheeks when I passed with distinction. Her support will always bring me closer to victory. She never fails to make me feel wanted and great. My mom shares some of the same likes and dislikes with me. She is a nature lover.

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