My Love for You~ Essay

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You seem to capture my mind all the time There is never a moment when I don't think about you or miss your presence.Your love takes over me all the time..My days are like nights when you are not around. Your love brings the sweet sunlight into my heart. Every moment feels so incomplete without you. Without you the days and nights are longer. The way you look at me, gives me a taste of paradise. I know I can always count on you. Thank you for everything. I love you truly, madly and deeply. I find my heart cascading with your never ending love. You are just everything to me. You are my life, I cannot live without your love. Love works like magic. Everything seems different. When two heart unite, it is the most beautiful thing in the whole …show more content…
Do you know a place in this world which is so safe that I can simply walk in anytime? Your lap, your heart and your eyes! I love you dearest. There is a reason why there is a difference between love and money. Love only appreciates while money may depreciate. I would pick you over the greatest amount of wealth in this world honey. I love you. Romance between us is not an activity or a onetime initiative. Every breath we share is romance for me. I love you sweetheart. Do you know that I have a precious gem with me which is priceless and no one else in this world has it? It is you my dear. Be mine for life! I have no reasons of logical thinking as to why I love you. All I know is that my heart is happy, my mind afloat and my eyes satisfied when I'm with you. Just like whipped cream topped over a macaroon gives it that ultimate taste of bliss, your presence in my life gives me that ultimate sense of satisfaction and joy. I love you darling. They apple of my eye The cherry of my life The prize of my achievements And the glory of my happiness There are many adjectives for me to use But my expression will suffice with an I love You! After being with you, I am simply unable to believe that life can be dull and boring sometimes. For me, life is a roller coaster and you've made it so. Thank you for being there sweetheart. I consider my life to be a fulfilled one because you're with me. May our love never experience emptiness or a feeling of vacuum. Three cheers to our love!

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