My Love For Agricultural Education

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In the Spring of 2016, I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with degrees in Agricultural Education, Biology Education, and Horticulture Education, along with two minors in Agribusiness and Horticulture. Before I even graduated I accepted a job as an Agricultural Education Instructor at Omaha Bryan High School. Ever since I accepted the job I have always wondered why I accepted it in the first place. Was it my love for urban agriculture? Was it my drive to seek diversity? Or was it simply that I wanted to try something that wasn’t seen as a “traditional” agricultural teacher position. The answer to those question would in fact be yes. It wasn’t until recently, when I transitioned into the position that I would begin to love my …show more content…
As a teacher, I will constantly have to keep going back to school to not only better myself but, to also better my program. With a specialization in Curriculum Studies, I will be better able to create and develop a curriculum that will work and meet the needs of my program. Since Omaha Bryan isn’t your traditional agriculture program, I have found while developing my curriculum for this upcoming year that the current agricultural curriculum doesn’t really fit the needs of my students. Part of the problem I face with my program is the constant addition of new educational activities and ideas that I would have to link back to my curriculum. Even though it doesn’t sound that bad, it is pretty hard to add curriculum while still meeting all the required state standards. As I was taught in my teacher education classes at UNL, your program must fit the needs of the students, community, and school in order for it to be successful. So in order for my school and students to be successful, I will need to go back to school in order for myself to learn how I can adapt a constantly changing curriculum to a constantly changing urban

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