My Long Term Goals Of Starting My Own Business

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My whole life I have always loved business. Someday I hope to start a business of my own; I hope that one day I can pass it down to my children. Some things I have to consider when I take this journey is, budgeting, education, and time. I think for my long term goal, these three things are detrimental to succeeding at my dream of starting my own business. There are phases to everyone’s long term goal; there will always be some sort of organized process in completed a task or a goal. Being successful is not something you can measure physically, and it can only be measured mentally by the sole ownership of a dream being fulfilled. I am currently working overtime to achieve my future career goal. I tell myself ever day to day life “one day at …show more content…
I have always wanted to start a business, and I was never sure in what, but I was sure I wanted to start one. Due to my current position in life, I have recently figured out what business I want to start. I plan to use my bachelor degree in business accounting to start my own private security business. I have a great friend that has been around since my freshman year of high school that is willing to start with me. Once I have at least obtained an associate degree, I will then pursue my career dream of starting my own business. This is my freshman year at college, and at that it is my first semester. So for me, I have a little more than two years to get ready before I start the beginning steps to creating my business.
When I start thinking about my future in education I continue to wonder when I will actually be doing accounting classes. At the moment I am doing classes that almost seem to have no relation to my major. I am currently taking Anatomy, Computer Information Systems, English, and Speech. I still have many more classes to go which include Math, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Fine Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Human Relations, Global Studies. These classes are in generic terms, and branch off into specific
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Constructing an analysis requires the writer to pull facts about a subject, and with these facts the writer has to persuade the audience, and provide some evidence supporting a writer’s discussion. The purpose behind this is to allow people to understand something that the writer is discussing. The writing context affected my analytical text in a good way. I was able to create a great analysis because the subject of the essay made it easier to write factual evidence more efficiently. The research for the topic that I chose was very simple; this is because the topic was personal, and the information was right in front of me. The presentation to the reader was affected because the information was personal, so this made me have to think like a reader instead of the writer. I like to think my strongest part of my essay is my introduction. I think this because it actually has the most personal information to me, as the writer. I think the weakest part of my essay is my research, and factual information. In paragraph five I would have like to add more specific classes. The only reason there isn’t more specific classes is because I have not completed much of college yet. I think I could have given more factual evidence in my essay. I find my tone in my essay to be inspirational or motivational. I only say this

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