My Long Term Goal Of Becoming An Occupational Therapist Essay

1003 Words Oct 16th, 2015 5 Pages
"Educa a tus hijos con un poco de hambre y un poco de frio." This was a phrase that my grandfather would say to my mother as a child. In translation, "Educate your kids with a little bit of hunger and cold." Throughout my life, I have used this phrase as a fuel to get through challenging times. Especially in times where the easiest thing to do was to give up. This saying has empowered my ambition to find a field that drives me to further advance in my aspirations to help others in a holistic manner. While my journey to such discovery was not an easy one, I worked hard to get to my ultimate goal which is why I have used my grandfather’s words of wisdom to get to where I am today and what I will continue to use to further advance to my long term goal of becoming an occupational therapist. Throughout my journey I have had many opportunities in the medical field, while it was hard to transition from one position to the other I have took what was most important to me, the knowledge and the impact in the great difference I made. To begin my journey to ultimately strive to become an OT was a path of discovery. Initial, while at CSUN I had multiple exposures to therapeutic settings one such journey was working in the Brown Center where I was exposed to an adaptive and aquatic therapeutic environment. The Brown Center meant being able to interact with actual clients with all types of disabilities. In this environment I was allowed to interact with the clients in a professional…

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