My Long Term Goal Is An Essential Part Of Health Or Social Care Sector As A Forensic Or Clinical

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My long-term goal is to make a career in health or social care sector as a forensic or clinical psychologist. To gain a university education is a necessary step for me to reach my goal. After doing much research into courses/programmes available I am applying for this course (with foundation element) as it would be ideal for me as for a person with non-standard academic background. I chose this career path not just to become a professional but also because the occupation involves helping people to overcome or control their problems is highly morally satisfactory.
Psychology has been a vital part of my life obliquely for many years. I discovered the importance of human psychology’s knowledge when I was a teenager, in rather tragic circumstances. I was a victim of gang rape, and these criminals were planning to commit a murder. I intuitively used ‘mirroring’ technique imitating their mafia gestures and slang and that saved my life. In my late twenties-yearly thirties, I read a lot of literature about clinical depression and ways to cope with it as I suffered from it myself and knew many sufferers. I found very useful and life applicable information I received from books such as ‘Understanding Depression. A Complete Guide to Its Diagnosis and Treatment’ by D. H. Klein and P. H. Wender. My friends gave me a nickname ‘the psychologist’ because I am a great listener and able to give valuable advice in difficult situations based on their psychological characteristics and other…

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