My Long Term Goal At Colorado Christian University Essay

709 Words Jun 28th, 2016 3 Pages
Working in the Healthcare industry is what has motivated me to earn a degree in Healthcare Administration. Healthcare is such an interesting field where there is a need of employees in many different departments and is growing rapidly. While attending Colorado Christian University (CCU) some goals that I have are; to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration, learn more about the word of God, and have the ability to put some money aside to pay towards school.
Bachelor’s Degree Goals As everyone knows students attend a University and/or College to earn a degree. I graduated high school almost 10 years ago, not knowing that I would be working in the healthcare industry, yet earning a degree in Healthcare Administration. My long term goal at CCU is to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and take all classes necessary. My short term goal is to first earn an Associate Degree in Healthcare Administration. I decided to take this route, because after sitting with my enrollment counselor, she suggested I earn an extra degree rather than one. In order to earn my Associate Degree I have to have 60 credits hours (CCU, 2016), but because I have already taken a certificate program at Colorado State University that consisted of 15 credits, I will be allowed to use those credits at CCU. Allowing in transferring credits gives me assistance in reducing cost and time in taking any unnecessary classes.
Learn about the Word of God My second goal would be to learn more about the…

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