Essay about My Logical Thinking Skills For The Accounting Field

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The two skills I possess that will help me in the Accounting field are improving and thinking logically. I acquired my logical thinking skills from taking various Philosophy courses at Northern Illinois University. During one memorable course, Philosophy 105: Logic and Critical Reasoning, we had to learn the different forms of valid arguments and we were expected to distinguish between valid arguments and sound arguments. This skill was a challenge to obtain at first, however, with practice it became easy. Although I learned the skill in my Philosophy 105 course, I did not use the skill until later on. The first time I utilized the skill was during a Debate tournament that took place at Kishwaukee College.
While my opponents sounded extremely convincing in their argument for establishing a campaign for community service within the DeKalb County area, their argument did not hold because it was not valid. They used a method known as denying the antecedent. The argument was: 1) if a campaign was established at DeKalb, then the community would be promoting more community service and excellence. 2) DeKalb promotes community service. 3) Therefore, a campaign was established. This argument is not valid because it was already in the status quo, which means it is already in effect, and it does not necessarily follow that a campaign caused more community service in DeKalb. There are many organizations, like Student Accountancy Society, that have service events.
Improving, the second…

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