My Lives Lie Of Emotional Triangles Essay

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In my three generations lie some emotional triangles. The main one is the one perpetuated by my maternal aunt, Janet Travis. She was the first individual in our family who came to the United States of America in 1964 and paved the way for her siblings. When she left, the relationships with her siblings became strained due to distance, whilst the siblings who remained in Trinidad maintained their relationship. During this time, my aunt would send money to her parents and her siblings. Instead of my maternal grandparents dealing with their financial problems, they would involve their daughter. As time progress and her parents died, my aunt continued to send money for some of her siblings; she rarely sent money for my family because unlike her other siblings, my mother was married and my dad provided for the family. In 1995 when we immigrated to the United States of America, my family received a semi-warm reception from my aunt and her children. Also, the close relationships we had with our cousins and especially maternal aunts in Trinidad ended. Whatever problems my aunt was having she would never address it head-on. Instead, she would involve another family member and cause a greater rift. The relationships between the family slowly turned worse because my Aunt Janet started telling her siblings lies about my mother, their sister, and us. She made the situation so bad that in 1998 when my Aunt Violet and her eight children came to the United States, instead of a warm welcome,…

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