My Literacy Journey Rhetorical Analysis

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Understanding the rhetorical situation is essential to actively engaging and creating a piece of work. A rhetorical analysis of any text demands that we as readers see the text as having been composed for a particular purpose. In “My Literacy Journey” essay, improvement as a writer and reader was greatly achieved by delivering a vivid picture of how I gained the ability to read and write, as well as how I put those skills to work to shape my own life. To accurately grasp the process and understand the rhetorical situation that helped contribute to my writing, I will focus on reflecting and analyzing the exigence, context, constraints, and audience, shedding light on why this piece of writing took the shape that it did.
The exigence for my writing
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“My Literacy Journey” essay came from the need to achieve success towards my first college essay. I consider myself as a result of the confidence I have towards the amount of effort I put into achieving the goals that I set for myself. Confidence comes from applying great effort to the matter at hand, and the hard work that one puts into fixing mistakes. The context helps to further interpret the exigence of “My Literacy Journey.” As a child, I had plenty of sponsors help me motivate me along the way. My grandma always told me stories from her childhood and would teach me new things, but in my literacy narrative I wanted to focus on the very beginning of my literacy. From all of the sponsors that I luckily had as a child, I felt the most identified with my …show more content…
The constraints I faced as a writer was trying to portray precisely how I felt at a certain moment. For example, when I address my first day of school in the United States, I wrote it in a way in which I wanted the audience to have a feeling of every emotion that ran through me at the time. “I clearly remember that snowy, cold winter morning as I waited for the bus… I was both excited and nervous… but the thought of walking into the school and not being able to communicate with anyone frightened me.” When describing how the day was, one can distinctly picture how cold and white it was. By reading that sentence, one can infer that the writer was not able to communicate with people very well. Another constraint that I came across while writing “My Literacy Journey” was trying to remember and give enough details of everything my mother has done as my literacy sponsor. Throughout my essay, I often had the necessity to go up to my mother and ask her to give me her side of the story so that I could better describe the things she would do to teach my siblings and me how to read, talk and

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