My Literacy Essay: My Love For Reading

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My Literacy History My love for reading came to me at a very early age. When I was little my parents said I loved reading and was an avid reader throughout my childhood. I’m grateful that my parents got me involved in reading when I was younger because it 's really helped me to this day. My vocabulary and my ability to pronounce words is at a higher level than most people. I grew up reading the little chapter books with about 100 pages in them. I usually read the same ones over and over again, mostly because I didn 't have any other books that I liked. My elementary school also pushed me to get involved with reading. There were many programs that held prizes for the kids that read the most books. Of course I wished to win so I tried to read …show more content…
High school is just a long stretch of schooling that most kids don 't care about. I 've thought pretty strongly about where I needed to be when I grow up, and that I need to pay attention in high school. It 's very tough to stay on track because there 's so much going on in life, and frequently I forget the difference between having fun and improving my future. A Lot of knowledge is pushed on students, teachers and parents expect kids to be organized with everything. Especially this year, junior year has just started and it 's already been tougher than my freshman and sophomore year combined. Which I can be organized and get my work done, although occasionally it gets a little crazy the amount of work that 's pushed on us between big tests and everyday homework. The school is trying to encourage extra curricular activities, yet then complain when we don 't do our homework because sports practices go till 6:30 at night. That 's not including all the other chores and other things planned for that day. By the time I would get around to homework it 's already 11 o’clock and the next thing I know it 's 12 am. I wake up not getting enough sleep and the routine just gets repeated everyday. I know we are starting to become adults and that we need to take responsibility, but after awhile I just get wore out. It makes me think about quitting and just not trying. It 's required no matter what because I need it and that 's life. Life is full of hardships and exhaustion, and that 's how it will always be. There is time to have fun and just relax, but like I 've always said nothing is easy. Something may seem easy, but there 's always a

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