My Life Without Internet

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The internet is the world’s largest interlinked network of computer systems. It allows users to transmit and receive data digitally, across the network system. The concept of data transmission on a worldwide scale has opened the doors to many possibilities. Millions of people use the internet everyday to research information, purchase products, social media (facebook, myspace, twitter, instagram, tumblr,) or for other purposes. The millions of users connected to the internet can broadcast their data from their computer to the network, which provides the user with a limitless field of information and educational resources. The internet has revolutionized the communications of the world and has made a huge impact for everyone.
Originally, the
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Personally, I cannot imagine my life without the internet because I use it in my everyday life. For example, I use the internet for social media, to purchase products, to communicate with distant family, and to research different information. The internet has both positive and negative impacts in my life. The positive impacts that the internet has in my life is that I am able to research anything I want to learn about (which increases my knowledge), I am able to communicate with my long distance family members through social media (so that I can keep in contact with my family that live far away), I am able to do educational activities online for my classes at school (to help me practice and succeed in my classes), and I am able to write essays for my classes because of the internet (the internet provides a large range of information that I can use as references to write my …show more content…
One of the negative impacts is that I spend too much time on the internet (specifically on social media), I tend to procrastinate on homework assignments by using the internet (which leads me to either not wanting to do the homework at all or doing the homework incorrectly), I get distracted a lot by using the internet when I am supposed to be doing important tasks (when I am supposed to do chores around the house and I don’t end up doing them because I am too focused on the internet), and I lose focus on what is more important when I am using the internet (when I know I have a bunch of homework to do, but I don’t do it because I am too occupied by the internet, which leads me to making poor decisions by putting the internet over school which is not a smart thing to

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