My Life With My Mother And Grandmother As Role Models And Leaders

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Having my mother and grandmother as role models and leaders has inspired me to always work hard and do my best in anything that comes my way. I refuse to fail. I have a drive to give my mother, grandmothers, and brother the best no matter what. I enjoy seeing people smile and I do my best to make sure I stay on the right track. I know that there were people before me, so I have to fight and work hard to accomplish all of my goals. I must work hard and not let my failures be the end of my story but learning experiences.
Coming into college at the age of sixteen, I thought that it would be very difficult to meet people and fit in. I thought that I would not be respected because I was so young and nobody would want to talk to a little girl. I have always been the type of person that enjoyed seeing people smile, laugh, and enjoy life. So, most of time I wasn’t taken serious. After announcing that I was going to graduate, I was so excited. I knew that I was moving fast but I wanted to see what else the world has to offer me. Most of the people around me were very positive and proud that I was working hard and committed to being successful. However, I did have one lady tell me to my face that I wasn’t going to make it because I was too silly and too young.
I used this negativity as a motivator. Knowing that I had people waiting to see me fail was a motivator to push even harder. Now I am a senior with two leadership positions on campus. I have a year to graduate. This experience…

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