My Life With My Mom Essay

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When people think of their mothers some think of memories, traits, or even looks. When I think about my mom I think about her work ethic, her love for family, and her constant support.

My mom is one of the hardest working people I know. She never gives up and would always tell my siblings and me to do the same. One memory I have of her is all the many times she would be up late sitting in the dim glow of her laptop working on her masters degree. It took her 2 long years and many late nights but she got through it all while balancing her job as teacher, a mother to 4 kids, and a wife. She also tries to instill that value in her children. One night when I was purposely procrastinating practicing playing the flute and regretting signing up to play it. My mom decided that she wasn 't going to let me give up on it so she made me sit down at the table in my pajamas and play my flute. She set a timer and said to me, "Don 't even think about coming up those stairs till that goes off." So there I sat in the dimly lit kitchen in a quiet and sleeping house, unsuccessfully blowing air into instrument that would not play. After what felt like the longest eternity to my 9 year old self the timer finally beeped and I felt oddly accomplished. Even though the experience made me no better at playing the flute, it showed me that not giving up and getting something done is way more rewarding.

My Mom has always put my siblings and me first. I remember times when my siblings and I were…

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