My Life With My Father Essay

1013 Words Jan 2nd, 2016 null Page
Everyone goes through difficult times, but it is how we deal with them that matters. Personally, I feel that all the challenging moments I have lived through has mold me into the determined and inspired person I am today. The most painful and tough, but transformative, time in my life deals with my stepfather. He got a heart attack and now he is unable to walk, eat and, speak. His condition has severely affected my mother and I.
When my mother came to the United States when she was offered a job here and soon after, she met my stepfather. They got married and he helped my mother bring me to America. When I moved to the United States, my life changed. My step-father treated me like I was his biological daughter and to me, he was my biological father; he raised, he taught me about boys, and most importantly, he loved me. For these reasons, I started calling him father. We build a strong father-daughter relationship, blood or not, him and I were family at heart. My stepfather only took my mother out dancing once but despite the fact my stepfather disliked dancing, he volunteered to dance with me at my quince. It meant a lot for him to look beyond his dislikes and overcome them for me.
Unfortunately, my step-father had heart problems and he got a heart attack on his birthday, which happened two days before my birthday. Before the incident, the doctor had told my step-father that only twenty five percent of his heart was functioning and gave him a device that would shock him if…

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