Essay on My Life With My Family

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As long as I can remember, I have always been astonished at the thought of life. What exactly is this thing called ‘life”? What was I placed on this earth to do? What all will I accomplish in my lifetime? These are just a few of the questions I ask myself quite often. I feel very lucky to have the life that I do. Not many kids get to grow up with the life that I am living. I thank God for that every day. Growing up, family has always come first to me. I know that my family would do absolutely anything for me, and I hope they realize I would do the same for them. I was blessed with one of the biggest families around. No matter the circumstance I will always be there any time of the day or night for my parents, grandparents, and little sister. When I was born, my parents had already discovered that they were not a good match for each other and filed for divorce. Some kids believe that having two of everything would be “fun” or “cool”. This is not the case. Although growing up with divorced parents was though, I never let it stop me from accomplishing my goals. My grandparents are my rock. Whenever I am experiencing a rough patch in my life, I turn to my grandparents to cheer me up. They do just that, and more. I did not know that I could be so blessed with such amazing people for my grandparents. When I was a little over one year old, my mother decided to get remarried. Even though I was sad, because I knew my parents would never be together, I was also very happy…

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