My Life With Life Throwing Us Curve Balls Essay

1114 Words Aug 6th, 2016 5 Pages
We started as friends and we didn’t expect that we were going to be special to one another. It wasn’t planned at all, but when I got to know you I opened my life to you and that’s when I fell for you until it became okay and then it didn’t become okay because of situations. You are one of the people who make me the happiest and I say this without the slightest bit of exaggeration. Your jokes were so ridiculous that they always catch me off guard and have me laughing like crazy. In those rare moments we had, you let yourself be vulnerable in front of me and it was captivating. Days, weeks, and months passed by, things have definitely changed with life throwing us curve balls. I know it hurts when someone hides you from other people and I know this probably doesn’t matter now, but I would still like to apologize for hiding our relationship before and other things that had happened. I can’t help myself, but to know that I hurt you somehow because I pretty much hid our relationship from many people because I was so afraid of many things. Still today, I feel bad because you were and still such a great person with such a big heart and if I could only bring back the time, I would stand before everybody and let them know how proud I am as your girlfriend. I’m happy because I’m growing as an individual because of you in many different situations and of course other things that I learned throughout all the challenges that came along my way. Some situations and time we didn’t match,…

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