Essay on My Life With Life Altering Experiences

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I have been on this earth for 44 years and I have had many events in my life with life altering experiences. When I was in High School I was an average student but I was a very good runner. I made Varsity my sophomore year and exceled every year after that, I would say that my main focus was running. I would wake up and think about running all day for me running came first then it was school. Back then if you were good in sports some of the teachers would over look some of your work which I took full advantage of. I had good times in all of my running events good enough that I had some colleges talk to my coaches about going to their schools. I didn’t realize that I needed to take my SAT’s, I mean I knew I just thought I wouldn’t need them cause of my running. My senior came and I was told I needed to take it and all I need was a 700. Well I had a track meet that day and yes my mind was on my races, I really thought I could breeze through it and breeze I did only that I didn’t get a 700 I was well below that. So far that the colleges told my coach that I couldn’t run for their school. I was heartbroken for about a second cause I was told that I could run for a junior college, I said to myself that’s ok cause I can still run, school still wasn’t a factor. My first year I was in the bottom of the pack yet I worked really hard to get to the top, still school wasn’t a factor. Just like high school once I started to excel the more I got easier grades. Since I was at a community…

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