My Life With A Car Accident Essay example

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There are many words one wishes to go without hearing in their lifetime. When hearing that sentence, a list immediately pops into my mind. The first set of words that might come to mind is hearing someone close to you has died, or was seriously injured in, say, a car accident. Another thought that might arise is seeing a firetruck going up your street, sirens blaring, and heading straight for your house. The other? The other is finding out you or someone you love has cancer. That was what my mother experienced five years ago in the month of September.

September can be dreary enough as it is. The idea of returning to school and getting back into the normal routine can be a dismal thought for most people. While my mind was focused on getting back into the swing of things for sixth grade, my mother’s mind was elsewhere. She had gotten scans done towards the beginning of September—the scans that, ultimately, would tell whether or not she had cancer. The wait for the results was agonizing. Even today, my mother gets worried about scans to track the progress of the chemotherapy and radiation. She always fears something new would pop up, but then? She went in blind. All she feared was that something was going to pop up, and there was no indication of just how bad it could be. However, not once did she ever let that fear show. I did not even have a clue as to what was going on inside my mother’s beautiful mind. I did not know her mind was running a mile a minute, filled with…

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