My Life Through The Lens Of The Life Coarse Theory Essay

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“Throughout our lives, we go through many major changes. Born helpless, we are transformed through the years -- from infant to child to adolescent to adult. And through it all, we are shaped by our families, our communities, and our society” (Human Development, 2015, para. 1). This perceptive made me really think about my development and, with the help of this class, explore my life through the lens of the Life coarse Theory. Glen H. Elder helped to revolutionize Life coarse Theory to include how historical change, timing of within a life and support systems effect the development of a child. During the introduction to the class, Elder (1998) is quoted explaining that Life Course Theory provides the foundation for human development. Our adaptations and lifecycle stages influence how we think, feel and act (Elder, 1998). He explored the possibility of diverse lives and how they can possibly change over time. Throughout this paper will show you how my developmental path has been transformed by certain events occurring during my life.
My development representation starts by showing you my biological name along with a picture of my ultrasound. Here we begin, my first picture, who could have known what this small pictures was to become. My mother was only fifteen years old when she became pregnant with me. In Chapter 2 of our textbook, it is indicated “Infants born to teenagers have a higher rate of difficulties, but not directly because of maternal age” (Berk, 2010, p.73).…

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