My Life That Made Me Who I Am Today Essay examples

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The fourth chapter of my life that made me who I am today is when I entered college to today. People say college is a time of self-discovery and it has been no different for me. Entering college, I was nervous about making friends, as I did not want to be one of the people who makes no friends. During orientation, I met two people who I got decently along with, and I stuck around them. I was a little disappointed because I didn’t really expand outside of them and I thought they were going to be my college friend group. At the beginning of school, there is an event called block party, and I was supposed to go to it with my new friends. One friend did not go since he lived in Stockton and did not want to drive back to the school, so it was just me and the other friend. Unfortunately he had another group of friends that he knew, so when I went to the block party and saw him with his other friend group, I decided to just go back to my room and sleep. This was my first realization that I shouldn’t hole myself up to a small group of people, and take time to find the friends that are right for me. It turned out that my actual group of friends that I am still with today lived all in the same dorm as me. We all got a long, and I even formed a crush on a girl, Girl A. We ended up dating and going out after a little while and I was excited because this was my first relationship ever. Unfortunately the relationship did not work out and she broke up with me after about a…

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