My Life That Influenced Me Essay

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Janae KopetJanuary 17, 2016Adult Studies Seminar Block1


As far back as I can remember, I have always had a desire to understand people and why

we do the things we do, to understand and evaluate the human condition. If I were to reflect on

an experience in my life that influenced me in this direction, I could go back to growing up

without a father and always having an awareness of how this affected my life, and the life of my

brother. I could go back to the years of spending time in Al-Anon meetings trying to understand

drug and alcohol abuse and why it had gripped my brother, and so many others, so tightly. I

could go back to when God reached down and got ahold of my heart and showed me a new

way of living, a new life to hope for, and a redeemed soul to be assured of. I could go back to

being a new mom and knowing that I needed to invite Jesus into all of my heart wounds so that

I did not parent through those same wounds. I could go back to any one of those events and it

would be a good explanation as to why I am on the path to a new degree, but by far the most

impactful event was yet to come, and happened just three years ago.

Three years ago was such a good time for our family. Two older children had married

wonderful godly spouses. We already had one grandson, and much to our delight, our daughter

and daughter in law were both pregnant with baby girls, due eleven weeks apart. Everything

was going so well, so we were completely…

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