Essay My Life That Have Made A Big Impact On Me

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There have been many moments in my life that have made a big impact on me. Some moments have been from meeting new people and some have been from losing a loved one. The biggest event that changed my life, more than any other, was finding out I would no longer be a single child. My mom and her fiancé at the time sat me down at the dinner table and told me the news. She was having a baby. Eleven wonderful years of not having to share anything of mine with anybody unless I wanted to. Eleven years of getting the majority of what I wanted, but now it all went down the drain. I would have a sibling. Someone I would be forced to share my things with and share my mom with.
As the months went on and I went to the appointments for the baby my mind set changed. I like kids. Why won’t I like this one? Seeing the baby grow in my mom’s tummy was purely amazing. Who knew something like that was possible? I remember going to the appointment on which we would find out the gender of the thing growing in my mom. I had wanted it to be a girl so bad. Someone who I could dress up, put makeup on, and do their hair. I never had a boy in my life really. The only one I had in my life was my best friend’s little brother and he was gross. We are sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office and they finally called us in. My mom, her fiancé, and I went back to this small dark room with an ultrasound system in it. The doctor squirted the gel on my mom’s stomach and then rubbed the wand on it. I got…

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