My Life That Has Influenced My Academic Work Essay

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Describe and event or an experience in my life that has influenced my academic work and goal at Colorado Christian University; it would take more than one to two pages, but I will give the short version. I call one Philip Ray and the other Aaron Jacob, they are the reason and my influence on and my goal for graduating from Colorado Christian University. I am blessed with the most precious gifts that God can give and that is my two sons.
I was nineteen when I was married and pregnant with my first son Philip Ray. What in the world did I know at the age of nineteen? Nothing, I knew nothing! I was very lost. God was not at the center of my life at this time; I had made some very bad choices in life.I was a wife and mother trying to go to school, I wanted to be a teacher or a nurse. A new marriage and a baby on the way, we could not afford for me to continue college. So, I dropped out of school and put it on hold. Then, I got pregnant with number two. This was a much harder pregnancy than with Philip Ray. I almost lost him three different times. The doctors put me on complete bed rest at 22 weeks. Here I was twenty years old, newly married and I had a five month old baby boy; I could not be even hold Philip Ray. Every day I had to get him dressed and send him to the baby sitters because I could not lift him up or even be on my feet for 15 minutes at a time. Times were hard and stressful in my house.
Divorce that is what came next. Now being a single mom of two boys, and having…

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