Personal Narrative: Striving For A Better Tomorrow

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Striving for a better tomorrow
Being the oldest child with a single mother, it has affected me in more ways than one. As a result, I strive each day to make sure my family is secure and taken care of. This entails a plethora of duties to make a better tomorrow. We live in a small apartment yet, despite the size we call it home. The apartment means a lot to us more than it does to the usual family because we worked hard to get a place of our own. Even though this was a tough time for my family and I, it made me grateful for the lessons I learned and to not take things for granted. Despite the setbacks I have experienced, I have learned to strive even more to get the things I want in life. My hardships have taught me life lessons, these life
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Previously before this day came, we lived with my aunt for six years. I shared a room with my sister and our two cousins, there were some days where I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Forward to the Christmas of 2014 my family and I were finally financially stable to move out and find a place of our own. It was the best gift we could have received. Through the experience of all my setbacks, I thought this day would never come. My mom works as a housekeeper, my sister is still in high school, and I work at a daycare. Financially, we are stable, but before I got a job at the daycare there were months that we struggled to pay bills. I fought to do everything possible to make sure my mom did not struggle with making ends meet. I have realized the reason why I strive to work so hard is because I do not want my mom to work as hard in the …show more content…
The first thing I decided in order for me to progress in my education was to apply to Sacramento State. Unfortunately I did not meet the deadline for the application. I did not let this news get to me, I made sure I would go to community college. The end of my senior year came along and I graduated with A’s and B’s. I was extremely proud of myself and thankful for my mom pushing me to walk the stage. I applied to Folsom Lake College and I couldn’t have made a better choice. As a freshman in college I decided to take seventeen units my first semester, and that was a huge mistake. The beginning of my college journey was not difficult, but when tests, homework, and deadlines came that is when I began to struggle with time management and organization. I continued to make every effort to get good grades in my classes and constantly reminded myself why pursuing my education was so important to

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