My Life Story Of Narendra Modi

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When I grew up, the world seemed to be bad and awful place. The life story of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, is identical to my life story.

Growing up in northern-India was very difficult. Having no support from my parents, I started looking at life in a very skeptical way. My father had left me in a boarding school, when I was callow to take care of myself. In hopes of my survival, both my mother and father handed me a bundle of rupee notes. If counted, it would last for no longer than three days and nights of food. With the ignorance of the child I was, I expected my loving parents to visit me frequently. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The adage “Survival of the fittest,” by Darwin, was mocking me. Unlike Narendra Modi who sold tea
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This part of my life was going under Leidenfrost point, where every thing I earned was washing away on either my lunch or my dinner.

After approximately two years of harsh survival, my parents took me with them to a place called ‘home,’ which I had not seen or could not remember. My parents acted very indifferently, yet I was happy that I no longer had to pressure myself in doing other work merely for the sake of food. I started smiling when my mom told me we would go in an airplane to America - I felt that those hardships were relieved and I wouldn’t have to live in an horrible place, where I couldn’t enjoy my life a bit. In my heart, I forgave my parents. ‘Happy days are coming,’ I said to myself once while riding a bus to an American school for the first time; in fact, a picture like that is worth a thousands of words. I was introduced by my teacher as an Asian kid, who flew from India to get an education in America; however, instead of giving me warm welcome, people had started mocking me, bullying me, and harassing me. All my feelings that were rejuvenated were as beautiful as a broken mirror. But this was primary school, I hoped middle school would be much more eco-friendly, where I would
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When I came to Saudi Arabia it had looked very attracting, but it was a mirage. Living under horrified laws, I still made an effort to learn more than the school was teaching me. Indeed, my dad bought me books from Amazon, which he had forced me to read whenever there was either a test or a project that was needed to be done. But, I was obligated to do so hence I never turned in any of my projects as I was occupied by dad whenever I had came home. With the knowledge of Java programming that I had learned from a NASA scientist, Jason Gibson, I started creating personal calculators which were simulation of Texas Instruments but much convoluted to use; however, I uploaded the program file on my website for the whole world to use. I realized at the starting of new school year that not only I helped people around the world with their problems but also inspired people at my school to create their own website and upload their videos. It seemed like instead of chasing people to be my friend, people, sometimes, would come over to my house to seek knowledge, to seek advice from me. It seemed that my business was taking its flight; therefore, I donated all the money, which I believe I didn’t deserve, and donated for the welfare of African kids, who strive to make their ends

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