My Life Started The Same Essay examples

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My life started the same as anyones. I was made in a tube, put into a surrogate mother, and then was born. Babies repulse everyone, so most parents can’t even stand to keep their babies. That is, until the baby gets their first surgery. After that, the moms and dads beg the adoption center for their babies back and they all live happily ever after. I understand why people are like this though. We are surrounded by beautiful people day in and day out and when we see a baby, it reminds us that once we too were as ugly as disgusting, drooling monsters. I have had 17 surgeries, so I only have one more surgery until I am perfect like everyone else. My eyes are perfectly round, my nose has just the right perk, my mouth has soft large lips, and my cheekbones are high and prominent. One of my friends who got their 18th told me that after it, he felt as though everything fell into place and life made sense. I want that, and I have been patient to wait every year to get my newest surgery, but I’m tired of waiting. I don 't want to be ugly anymore. I want to look in the mirror before school and see everyone else in my face. Being different used to be celebrated, and I can 't imagine why. Why would you want to have brown or even worse, red hair, when everyone around you has blonde? I can 't help but laugh. It 's ridiculous. I remember in 5th surgery, when a lot of my peers had moved on to 6th, they couldn 't stand to be near me and I vowed I’d never be like the poor people who never…

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