My Life Song Analysis

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My Life Soundtrack The first song I would have to choose is “ I’ve Been Watching You,” by Rodney Atkins. My favorite quote from this song would have to be, “He Said, I’ve been watching you dad, ain’t that cool. I’m your buck-a-roo, I wanna be just like you.” This quote has always gotten to me, especially from when I was very young. I have always wanted to be hardworking like my father, because I have always been proud of my father and I want him to be proud of me. The reason I have been proud of my father for so long is because no matter how hard things got he never gave up on trying to support our family. Even though he dropped out of school in ninth grade, he made it a priority to work as hard as he could to get us where we needed to go. This made it possible for my father to get his GED at forty-two and continue his education. This has always made me want to grow up to be hardworking like him. Next on my list is “The Man I Want To Be,” by Chris Young. My favorite quote from this song is, “I wanna be a …show more content…
Honestly my favorite quote from this song is, “He said someday I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying. Like tomorrow was a gift, and you’ve got eternity to think about what to do with it.” I know I may not be very good at living everyday to the fullest, but I do try my best. Every decision I have ever made has lead me to this point and I feel like I could have done so much better. This song honestly makes me think about my life choices, and how I would change some of them if I could. A lot of people do not realize how short life can be, and how much we take it for granted. None of us know exactly how much time we have left and I feel like we should make the most of it. My great grandfather was a great example of this and spent his entire life making the best of what he could. He was a great man and I loved him very much. I miss him everyday, and I regret not getting to say

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