My Life Since My Baby Essay

1471 Words Mar 30th, 2016 null Page
They say you need to choose your battles when it comes to children. Well how about when all of the battles revolve around food? Can you imagine having to tell your crying child that you know they are hungry, but they cannot eat, twenty or thirty times a day. That has been the story of my life since my baby was born. My son came into this world as a very large baby, weighting a little over eleven pounds at birth. I was told that as he grew up, his height and weight would even out. Well he is now ten and I am still waiting for this to happen. An article that was published by the Institute of Medicine that states “…contrary to popular belief, children do not “grow out of” their “baby fat.” (Parker, 2011) From the minute my son’s eyes open until he gets into bed and closes his eyes at night all of his thoughts are based around food. “Can I have Pancakes for breakfast?” During breakfast, he asks, “what are we having for a snack after breakfast? What is for lunch?” He comes home from school asking as we are walking out of the school, “what is for dinner?” While I am cooking dinner, he is asking for another snack, even though he has already had two. At bedtime, he is already asking what he is going to have for breakfast. I have done endless amounts of research to help with my child’s health and still am to this day. The three major areas of my research are what does obesity look like in children and what types of things contribute to childhood obesity, the dangers of childhood…

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