My Life Plan For College Essay

1002 Words Feb 1st, 2015 null Page
Back in middle school, there was a speaker in my class who asked us to raise our hands if we were planning to go to college. I remembered clearly that I didn 't even raised a finger. Over the years, my aspect of attending college has changed. At first, I thought the idea of me going to college is just pointless. My life plan at that moment was to work as soon as I 'm done with high school and live a happy, simple life. Besides that, I was either in school or studying for classes half of my life already, why more years of reading textbooks, taking tests, and doing homework? The only difference is you get to pay for going to college instead of free public school. Now, instead of seeing it that way, I see it as a way to open up more opportunities and preparing for the future. In today 's modern world, there 's competition every second. Especially when applying for jobs. Many companies today requires at least a high school diploma for their workers. With the massive amount of unemployment rate in this country, who knows, maybe a few years from now, a high school diploma is just a piece of garbage to them. Therefore, I 'm here, in college, aiming for a degree to secure my future. In high school, we were all required to learn how to make a resume. For that reason, my teacher have shared with us many factors the work force are looking for in their future employees. One of the most important ones are the level of education. After knowing that, I felt a great…

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