My Life - Original Writing Essay

772 Words Oct 26th, 2015 4 Pages
There they were, sitting right in front of me. I could easily just reach my hand out and grab them. Their golden glow wrapped to perfection and gently lain so that each brilliant coin sits in perfection waiting for a host to immerse himself in their beauty. It’s time. I begin to reach for the shining treasures waiting for me just a few feet away. My heart rate is rising, my excitement skyrockets, my hands shake. I am so close. My hands stop mid-way when I hear this tremendous roar coming from behind me. I have been caught. I thought the day had finally come when the golden treasures and I would be united once again. I thought wrong. I bowed my head and turned to face my fate. My mother is the one who stood before me. I should have seen this coming. I am then needlessly hounded about the dangers of the seemingly harmless golden coins I wish to posses so badly. I sigh and sadly walk back to my room where I devise a plan for my next attempt. One of these days I will successfully have my treasure, the golden Oreo. Throughout my entire life, since I can remember, I have always been on the receiving end of nagging comments and demands of what I can and cannot eat or what time I cannot eat past, among a few other “rules”. The woman on the other side if you did not catch it previously is my mother. I love this woman to pieces, I really do, but I remember just wishing for her to leave me alone and to stop with the nagging. I was just a kid who wanted to eat a few scoops of ice…

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