My Life - Original Writing Essay

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Have you ever stepped out onto the sidewalk during the summer without shoes on, and you burn your feet? Well, that is what it was like sleeping on the ground in the middle of nowhere without any shade. My entire body seemed to burning. My shaking hands lifted my aching body from the dirt. My skin was no longer this pale color, but instead was as red as a lobster. There was also dirt covering every part of my body. How it got up my pants? I have no clue, but it was rubbing my skin the wrong way. My eyes traveled to the two large bite marks on my right arm, and my left leg. The blood had congealed, but the dirt was creating this yellow tint around the marks. I tear off the sleeves of my t-shirt, and wrap them around the marks. I start walking on the journey to my death. My mouth was dry like I had stuffed cotton into my mouth to soak up every ounce of saliva I had. My eyes burned from the wind blowing dirt into them, and the bite marks were starting to itch like crazy. I had to find a way out of this. I didn’t even know the way home anymore, so that wouldn’t help. I was lost.
“Through everything, the good and the bad, the one thing I learned is who my real family is. And that’s you guys.” I hear someone say in a low manly voice.
“Can you stop being sappy and help us clean this mess up?” A sweet feminine voice spoke up.
I look around for anyone, but there is no one around. Great, I had reached the level of insanity. Why is there a person approaching me? Why are they carrying…

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