My Life - Original Writing Essay

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“MOM! MOM!” I cried out for her, as hot blood and tears dripped down my face and onto my hands. I wish I could say it was my own blood, but it wasn’t. It was the blood of my one-year-old little sister. As she laid in my arms motionless, her empty eyes stared up at me. I could feel a piece of my soul die along with her. I shook her, over and over again, but with no response. “SARAH! Please wake up!” I begged her, but no one came to help us. So, I picked her limp body off the ground, and carried he to our house. My mouth tasted of copper and salt, and I could hear the warm breath of the hound that had just attacked us, breathing down my neck as if he were still there. I fumbled with the golden doorknob, slick with blood. In my efforts, I left behind a mess of scarlet handprints on the starch white paint of the door. Blood dripped onto our tile floor as I carried my baby sister into the Livingroom, where my parents were entertaining guests. I don’t recall what happened next; It was a blur of motion and noise. Our guests’ mouths gapped open as my mom grabbed Sarah’s body from me and collapsed onto the floor. Curling Sarah against herself, she rocked back and forth screaming, “MY BABY! NO! NOT MY BABY!” while she gently caressed my little sister’s still, cold face. It took a tremendous amount of force for my dad to steal Sarah away from my mother. “We have to take her to the hospital!” Screamed my dad, as he ran out the door with my sister curled in the crook of his left…

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