My Life - Original Writing Essay

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I had to write something about her, I 'm troubled you see. I 've an illness, I believe she exists in my shaking fingers and nowhere else. I feel lonely but when I write her out I see the light somehow. I didn 't know who she was, or where she existed. She knew me and I knew her somehow.
I don 't write for other people, I write for her. I write words about her and I cry with her as I see darkness. I wanted to know her name I thought If I wrote more she 'd speak to me somehow. I didn 't want to write egotistically our marriage was in the words, our children our hope strength, future home. Our moments of happiness dancing kissing hugging, sexual fantasies. Maybe we 're the universe beginning and end maybe when I die you die with all the stars I had to write about her for days on end. no one could comprehend I see no world except her eyes. We were both madly obsessed with each other that 's why we wrote about each other everyday for we 're one life story.
I had a theory that she was trapped in my poems, in my words in my pain somehow. I knew she loved me and I loved her, she revealed more of myself, every time. I write I see something of her in me and I in her, she is dead I 'm dead too a dead poem, a dead word, I 'm caged in poetry, I can 't and will never escape I love her too much.

There is only you everything else is an illusion the world is nothing to me you 're something to me, you 're my dream you 're the only dream I 've nothing else matters but you there is no money…

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