Essay on My Life - Original Writing

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A few seconds in life could transform the course of your entire world. I once didn’t believe that saying until the day I experienced the feeling called, love. I was blinded by the pitch black darkness in my heart. I couldn’t see the beauty in life and the meaning to live. I was only 18 at the time and didn 't have many fond memories before then. Feelings were not a common word for me and it seemed barbaric to even hear the word itself. I had isolated myself from the people around me and the world I step upon. I walked the earth just like a zombie who was on autopilot. I still resort back to my old zombie self at times, but only if I need to ignore the selfish and ignorant people of the world.
During the month of June, my girlfriend and I had decided to go to Myrtle Beach for our five year anniversary. I drove five hours through what seems like a never ending tunnel of darkness that night. As my girlfriend was sleeping, I vividly remember the first time we had met at the movie theater with our friends. I didn’t really know what feelings were still and I could have cared less until I met her. She was the most beautiful girl in my eyes and I just couldn’t look away even for a second. If I did look away, I would try to sneak a glance at her and then pretend that I was talking with my friends.
Ten minutes before we got to the beach, my girlfriend had woken up and was excitingly shouting, “It’s the beach! It’s the beach!” I was a bit annoyed because I had been driving for five…

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