Essay on My Life - Original Writing

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I remember seeing her arms flail, and her feet fly forward into the air. Focusing on the gallon of milk she grasped firmly in her tightly clenched fist. It seemed as if she hung in the air, if but only for a moment. A primal human grunt being ejected from her body as she landed squarely on our paved driveway. I gazed upon her unmoving body with a look of horror upon my face. I saw her long blonde hair covering her face in a messy heap. What seemed like minutes were only moments that passed before she started moving, and shortly after she got up just fine. Well, she was ok except for a bruised tailbone perhaps. Regardless, it took some time for my horror to subside.
Only a few years later, shortly after I turned seven years old, my mother and I entered a large brick building. It smelled of lavender and musk, but mostly lavender. She wore a type of black dress that must have been reserved for only the fanciest occasion. I had been forced into slick, black dress pants that were too short and a stiff dress shirt that was too tight. As I followed her around, many people would stop her and give her a hug. They would speak briefly and maybe hug again. I wouldn’t bother to listen, as I just felt bored. Instead, I looked aimlessly around at the older people standing all about. I saw their old wrinkled faces, and stared at the dark, outdated clothes they wore. After walking through a line of people that had started some distance outside, we came up to a shiny, wooden coffin. I would…

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